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With more than 75 years of experience. TEMPCO knows how to combine proven technology and innovation. As Tempco we have been your partner for a long time to design and supply high-quality temperature measurement solutions, but we can also provide less complicated measurement solutions for apparently simple applications.Our slogan

"a good /effective  temperature measurement is not self-evident"


How does our website work!

Our website consists of many photos that can be enlarged or link to more information by clicking on them.!!! We at TEMPCO believe that images say more than too much text, especially because our products are often customer specific, it is useful that there is recognition in a type of image and that you as a customer contact us so that we can advise you without obligation. .

This can be done by telephone on 0172493141 or by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

We provide a portfolio of cutting-edge temperature solutions, equipment and ( measurement/calibration services to process industries and multi-utilities leveraging our engineering and manufacturing know-how.
Acting as a partner to our customers, we provide comprehensive support from design to the building phase and operation stage, according to their specific needs.


TEMPCO  is specialist in  temperature sensors for semi-conductor market applications, click on picture

We are very proud to have a part in this project from Nedmag with our temperature sensors and flame scanners and burnercontrols/systems

Provided by Tempco:

Again a number of crates with products such as multipoint sensors with 10-20 measuring points and other thermocouples with thermo Wells (ATEX) etc.

TEMPCO sensors delivers worldwide. this time for an Asian chemical plant.

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