What has TEMPCO Sensors to offer you ?

PT 100/1000


Resistance thermometers are used to measure temperatures in a number of industrial sectors.

Thanks to their extremely high accuracy, resistance thermometers are used in the petrochemical and general chemical industries, in pharmaceuticals and in the food and beverage sector to name but a few applications.
Resistance thermometers are electrical contact thermometers that measure temperatures based on the change in the resistance of metals such as platinum, nickel or copper when the temperature changes. Depending on the design, the sensors can measure temperatures between -200°C and +850°C. We develop and manufacture resistance thermometers in a wide variety of models for industrial temperature measurement. Specially designed thermowells, connection heads and replaceable measuring inserts make our resistance thermometers extremely durable, user-friendly and precise for the process at hand. Measuring principles we can offer are PT100 or PT1000, PT500 or NTC/PTC (KTY) ect..
Tip: Resistance thermometers require regular calibration, which we can take care of at our DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory .

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Perform quick and precise measurements with thermocouples. TEMPCO Sensors has supplied thermocouples to meet every customer requirement for over 75 years. Our sensors make it possible to take precise measurements at extremely low temperatures down to -196°C as well as extremely high temperatures up to 2,000°C. Our thermocouples are made to measure for your application based on your individual requirements. We employ our vast knowledge in thermowell materials and their life cycles for optimum results. Our product range includes thermocouples specially designed for the automotive industry, semiconductor industry and the steel industry as well as furnace and plant construction, but also professional cooking and frying equipment . We process all thermocouple models in accordance with IEC 60584-1 (A, C, B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T).

Good protection is often required in a process where a sensor can be chemically and mechanically loaded. For this we can offer protective tubes in various shapes and materials, so that a good solution can always be offered if, for example, chemical resistance or mechanical load (high temperatures) or a combination thereof play a role.



Thermocouple extension or compensation cable or instrumentation cable, single or multi core with or without mechanical or electrical shielding.









For calibrations you are also at the right place.  Sensors and systems, internally or externally at your location. Everything through our own calibration laboratory (DAkkS accredited)