PT 100/1000

Resistance elements as Pt100 / Pt1000 / NTC / PTC or digital sensors in different value and class for example, horticulture or machine construction, building management systems ( CO2 measurement or combination CO2/RH/Temp options) etc. very good quality and low in price. Contact us and request without any obligation.








In addition to the standard thermocouple types  as, type E, J or L, K and N, the types S, R or B are also increasingly being used. Good protection is often required in a process where a sensor can be chemically and mechanically loaded. For this we can offer protective tubes in various shapes and materials, so that a good solution can always be offered if, for example, chemical resistance or mechanical load (high temperatures) or a combination thereof play a role.





Thermocouple extension or compensation cable or instrumentation cable, single or multi core with or without mechanical or electrical shielding.






For calibrations you are also at the right place.  Sensors and systems, internally or externally at your location. Everything through our own calibration laboratory (DAkkS accredited)