TEMPCO SENSORS (member of RÖSSEL-Messtechnik) offers specially developed high-temperature thermocouples for use in temperatures above 2,000°C or in highly corrosive and/or reducing atmospheres. They are widely used in the aerospace industry, research laboratories, crystal growing and furnace construction. We select the optimum thermowell materials, thermocouple combinations and insulating materials for the different areas of application.
Our high-temperature thermocouples optionally consist of platinum, tungsten rhenium or other thermocouple combinations. To account for the high temperatures combined with oxygen-reduced inert gas atmospheres and vacuum or high-vacuum environments, we use thermowells made from special alloys such as molybdenum or tantalum for our high-temperature thermocouples. Due to the high requirements placed on thermocouples in terms of temperature resistance, durability and vacuum tightness, these models are often an inseparable unit consisting of a thermowell, insulation material, thermocouple and connection technology. In addition to the above closed models, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik also supplies innovative high-temperature thermocouples with replaceable thermowells. Rely on our expertise in materials and treatment processes to learn more about special designs and potential applications.


Temperature sensors for  measurement from  1200°C up > 2000°C

Tempco high temperature thermocouples used in numerous branches of industry heat-treatment and combustion processes like biogas installations ,furnaces industry, crematorium  Glass Industry etc. play a decisive role during production and in the quality of the final product.

These applications have one thing in common: Due to the high temperatures thermocouples are almost always used. Besides the non-precious-metal containing ones, mainly types E, J or L, K and N, platinum thermocouples types S, R or B are increasingly being used. These must be protected against contaminating, corrosive and/or abrasive ambient influences. Various designs with different protection tube materials are available for these applications.


In case of Thermocouples with precious metal like Platin/Rhodium ( Pt/Rh verions) we can offer a old for new agreement.

This means when old platin is present the customer can send this to us if the quantity( weight) is enough we can offer against refurbished prices which has a huge price advantage !! 

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  • Temperature range from -200°C to +2,000°C
  • ATEX approved
  • Calibration in compliance with CQI9 and AMS 2750
  • High-temperature tungsten rhenium thermocouples

                                                                                                                                   tungsten rhenium thermocouples

  S, R and B noble metal thermocouples.

High temperauture sensors can be used in many application for example steel industry and furnace ( construction ) industry see underneath some examples of processes where these sensors are used.

Thermocouples are used for process control during annealing in bell-type annealing systems for coils. A continuous sheet is then pickled and rolled several times until the required sheet thickness is reached. The resistance thermometers used warn against overloading of the bearings in the cylinder rod assembly. During galvanizing, liquid zinc is applied to the sheet, which is at the correct temperature thanks to the thermocouples. Our robust thermocouples are specially designed to be used in this explosive atmosphere.


Liquid steel is produced from a mixture of raw materials in a Bessemer bulb at 1,200°C as part of a technically demanding process. Temperature measurement allows the process to be controlled and protects the melting apparatus. TEMPCO Sensors/RÖSSEL-Messtechnik provides straight thermocouples for gas temperature measurement and sheathed thermocouples for surface temperature measurement.


Adding oxygen to liquefied pig iron in a large refractory vessel (converter) oxidizes out unwanted carbon. This can only be executed and tracked with accurate temperature measurement. Our robust thermocouples are specially designed to be used in this explosive atmosphere.

In a preheating furnace, slabs from the converter are heated to a temperature of 100°C. Thermocouples are used at this stage for process control. The red-hot slabs are then rolled into sheets under high pressure in a high-performance cylinder rod assembly. Resistance thermometers stop the bearings from being overloaded.

From small laboratory furnaces to large-scale incinerators, from coating and hardening processes to waste incineration and crystal growing: Accurate temperature measurement under extreme conditions at times is crucial. That’s where TEMPCO Sensors comes in.
Backed by years of experience, we support our customers in the field of furnace construction with accurate temperature measurement. Our thermometers and products contribute to process control, quality assurance and product control. Many furnaces are especially designed for special applications. We produce temperature sensors optimized for specific applications as a result.
This includes our entire range of measurement technology from tungsten-rhenium thermocouples with special thermowells materials such as molybdenum or quartz to the bolometer used to measure the uniform heating of flat glasses or ceramics.

We will also find the optimum solution for your system with industry-specific calibrations, individual design and our expertise in special material applications.


  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • DAkkS accreditation

Calibration certificates issued by DAkkS-accredited laboratories are recognized in most countries around the globe thanks to international agreements. Companies that operate on a global scale or international suppliers in particular can benefit from the cross-border competence of our calibration services.

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Every plant is different. That’s why we offer personal advice based on your individual situation at TEMPCO sensors. We also ensure optimal performance in the long term with certified calibration and qualitative analyses.