Cable sensors (OEM)

 Industrial immersion sensors

Also ATEX explosion proof constructions.

Temperature resistance elements are  sensors  which can be  configured with the following  measuring elements/principles :

  • PT100 or PT1000 and PT500  ( with 2  or 3 or  4-wire construction)
  • NTC  like for example  2 KOhm or 5 KOhm/10 KOhm/12 KOhm etc with the desired  Bertha value/curve and tolerance.
  • PTC/KTY elements.

these  sensors can be constructed as cable-sensor or srew-in  immersion sensor or as surface sensor.


We develope/produce and deliver to a broad market of  Industry and OEM  arround  the world like :

  • (Petro) Chemical
  • Off-Shore
  • Furnace construction industry /Machinery construction industry
  • Waste processing/incineration industrie
  • Energy production/industry ( sustainable  : Solar/wind etc)
  • Brickyard /tileworks industry (furnaces)
  • Greenhous horticulture industry
  • Metal industry
  • Aerospace
  • Research/universities/laboratory industrie ( medical devices).
  • Food industry
  • Semi-conductor industry

       Original Equipement Manufacturers (OEMs) 

  • HVAC (heating/ventilation/airconditioning/cooling) like heaters and boilers /heatpumps  etc but also        building management industrie ( heat distribution) and Cooling industrie etc.
  • 3-D printing industrie and artificial intelligence industrie/research
  • Professional kitchen industry ( like combi-furnaces and professional deep fryers etc.
  • Greenhous horticulture industry

ATEX en IECEx certified  Pt100 sensors

Atex Certificate
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