Cable sensors (OEM)

 Industrial immersion sensors

Also ATEX explosion proof constructions.

A resistance thermometer is a type of electrical contact thermometer. It utilizes the dependence of the electrical resistance of metallic or semiconductor resistors on temperature.

The Pt100/0 resistance thermometer is the type most commonly used for industrial purposes, with basic resistance of 100 ohms at 0°C.

Pt1000, Pt500 or Ni100 measuring resistors and NTC or PTC measuring resistors are also used for industrial purposes.


Temperature resistance elements are  sensors  which can be  configured with the following  measuring elements/principles :

  • PT100 or PT1000 and PT500  ( with 2  or 3 or  4-wire construction)
  • NTC  like for example  2 KOhm or 5 KOhm/10 KOhm/12 KOhm etc with the desired  Bertha value/curve and tolerance.
  • PTC/KTY elements.

these  sensors can be constructed as cable-sensor or srew-in  immersion sensor or as surface sensor.


We develope/produce and deliver to a broad market of  Industry and OEM  arround  the world like :

  • (Petro) Chemical
  • Off-Shore
  • Furnace construction industry /Machinery construction industry
  • Waste processing/incineration industrie
  • Energy production/industry ( sustainable  : Solar/wind etc)
  • Brickyard /tileworks industry (furnaces)
  • Greenhous horticulture industry
  • Metal industry
  • Aerospace
  • Research/universities/laboratory industrie ( medical devices).
  • Food industry
  • Semi-conductor industry

       Original Equipement Manufacturers (OEMs) 

  • HVAC (heating/ventilation/airconditioning/cooling) like heaters and boilers /heatpumps  etc but also        building management industrie ( heat distribution) and Cooling industrie etc.
  • 3-D printing industrie and artificial intelligence industrie/research
  • Professional kitchen industry ( like combi-furnaces and professional deep fryers etc.
  • Greenhous horticulture industry

ATEX en IECEx certified  Pt100 sensors

Atex Certificate
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