TEMPERATURE SENSORS FOR HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air conditioning/cooling but also for professional Coffee machine  (vending)  

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Some examples  of immersion sensors which are used within the HVAC  and OEM market : Boiler/heat pump/ domestic or commercial heaters /solar applications  but also coffee/vending machines or Bench instruments , heating ,ventilation, arconditioning and cooling . 

Client specific produced like CO2 measurement or combination CO2/RH/Temp options or sensor for heatpumps and domestic heaters and boilers.


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You will also find our sensors in professional kitchen equipment such professional cooking and frying equipmen gas or electric or combi ovens, Coffee roasters  etc.

We can supply/produce from single pieces to large quantities, packaged according to your wishes. single or multiple with or without logo and drawing/manual etc.

sustainability ! Reduce emission by using our expertise and temperature sensors solutions for eco-friendly solutions.


 PT1000 or PT100 or NTC/PTC  Client specific , click to enlarge


  Thermocouple type k or other duplex