Sheathed resistance thermometers are the ideal add-on for sheathed thermocouples that have proven themselves over many years and are designed for use at temperatures between -200°C and +850°C. Thanks to their sheath, they combine the accuracy of resistance thermometers with the flexibility of flexible thermocouples.
Sheathed resistance thermometers manufactured by TEMPCO Sensors are extremely robust, pressure-resistant, mechanically stable and vibration-resistant. Due to their small diameter, they offer very short response times and are suitable for hard-to-reach, winding spots and narrow openings. Sheathed resistance thermometers are suitable for temperature monitoring and process control. They measure thermal conditions in gaseous and liquid media, on solid surfaces as well as in tanks, pipes, apparatus and machines.

  • Rapid response times at diameters < 1.5mm
  • Particularly shockproof
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Chemical resistance
  • Application range from -200°C to +850°C
  • High precision up to 1/10 DIN


TEMPCO Sensors supplies various models of resistance thermometers with thermowells designed for your process conditions. Our tube resistance thermometers as PT100/PT1000/PT500 and NTc/PTC (KTY) are used in refrigeration and air conditioning technology, in apparatus, plants, furnace and heating construction as well as in the chemical industry, for example.

They are designed to take measurements in liquid and gaseous media at temperatures up to 600°C and, in exceptional cases, up to 850°C. Resistance thermometers from TEMPCO Sensors are installed in thermowells for protection against aggressive media and abrasion as well as applications in small installation spaces. Our thermowells are available in different materials and sizes. The materials are specially adapted to your process conditions. We exclusively rely on precision steel tubes with material certificates. Use in explosive atmospheres is also possible. Tube resistance thermometers are primarily used as a low-cost alternative for sporadic temperature measurements.

Product specs:

  • Temperature measurement of liquids and gases in pipes and tanks
  • Available with flying wires, single and double versions or connector of choice
  • Sheath material: for example Stainless steel (1.4404 / 316L)
  • Tolerance class A or other according to IEC 60751 as standard
  • Available with PVC, silicone, optional ( Stainless) Steel Braided or PTFE insulated connecting cable
  • Standard or customised lengths


Typical applications

  • Temperature measurement in pipes and tanks, e.g. in heating and ventilation (HVAC) applications with supply and return lines
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications in almost all industries
    • Plant engineering
    • Machinery and apparatus / OEM
    • Food industry
    • Coffee machines
    • Proffesional kitchen machinery
    • Heating and heatpumps and boilers
    • Building climate automation
    • Energy like solar and wind applications 

For more information concerning PT100/PT1000 or NTC /PTC  for HVAC  klik here.

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