Profile or Epitaxy                                                                                                                     Spikes



A  specific market (global) in which TEMPCO  sensors excels in is the semiconductor industry with their customer specific temperature sensors .

The temperature sensors  which are being used within these applications ( furnaces etc.)  require the appropriate /correct manufacturing methods and experiences.

Concerning production of these temperature sensors we do have a clean room facility at our disposal within our production factory.

TEMPCO/Rössel sensors have a lot of experience in supplying these kind of sensors. The more and more expanding group of satisfied customers confirms this.

For references please contact us so that we can inform you well.

We develop/produce and deliver  for  front-end-processing applications as well as for the Back end of line (BEOL) applications .

With regards to the European Chip Act , Tempco/Rössel  is the best choice in regard to Profile  temperature sensors or spike temperature sensors or epitaxy.

These sensors  are used by wafer production/diffusion furnaces  but also sensors which are used in crystal growth processing.


Why choosing TEMPCO/Rössel  for these kind of temperature sensors?!

We have many  many years of experience in this field

Which results in many well respected and content customers

Good quality ( long lifespan performance) reliable delivery times and market conform prices and  and not unimportant , good services !!

More information ?please call  and ask for one of our productmanagers ( Who speak Dutch/English/German and French) Phone 0031 (0)172 493141.

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Coating processes on the wafer take place at temperatures up to 700°C. Sheathed thermocouples smaller than 0.5mm in diameter were therefore required to monitor temperatures. If possible, the process parameters needed to be recorded on the product to be coated (wafer) and checked against the measured values in the system. The main challenge was in temporarily mechanically attaching the thermocouples to the wafer without destroying it with subsequent removal. This step was unavoidable as the sensors needed to be removed from the wafer for calibration. Calibration with the sensors attached is unfortunately not possible. 




We developed a test wafer for the customer that permitted almost any number of sheathed thermocouples to be temporarily attached. Instead of adhesives, the same material used to coat the wafer was used to attach the thermocouples. This offered several advantages: 1. Adhesive-free application permits use in a vacuum environment. 2. Direct transfer to the process is possible. 3. The sensors can be removed without damage using a suitable process and can therefore be recalibrated and reused.




Profile temperature measurement with the test wafer from TEMPCO Sensors offers customers the highest accuracy for process measurement values. The results are reproducible and reliable, improving the yield and quality of wafers as a result. The product allows customers to gain system-specific information about their process and optimize their coating processes with pinpoint accuracy.

Thanks to the ability to remove them without causing any damage, sensors from TEMPCO Sensors can be recalibrated and reused both on the same wafer and on others. After special cleaning procedures, the sensors can also be used in other coating processes. The ability to reuse the sensors saves the environment and resources.

This principle can be used for different furnace types and wafer sizes.

“Looking to optimize your chip yield with smart measurement data?

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Semi-conductor parts like chips are used more and more for example in Cars.

Tempco is aware of the quality which is needed in process to produce chips for example in the car industry or pharmaceutical  industry and  consumer market , TEMPCO/Rössel  manufatures these high quality sensors which are used in these processes.

We do this already for many years successfully .


Microprocessors or semiconductor chips are everywhere you look nowadays, in everything from coffee machines to industrial servers. Temperature sensors are required throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process: from wafer fabrication and doping to final metallization and packaging. TEMPCO Sensors precisely targets the specific manufacturing conditions faced in the semiconductor industry. Our expertise lies in the use of special materials and material combinations to facilitate even the most sensitive applications. This involves the use of quartz glass and combinations with ceramics for quartz, sapphire and silicon thermowells, for examples.
Pressure and vacuum-tight thermocouples, high-temperature thermocouples and corrosion-resistant sensors for etching processes are just a number of our areas of expertise . Designed with the semiconductor industry in mind, We runs a class 5 clean room to ensure we consistently meet the strictest quality requirements.

Whatever the process, our experts are the first point of call!

Common types of sensors are for example  spikes/profiles/epitaxial elements.

We can also provide Calibration of the sensors from our own (DAkkS accredited) laboratory  https://centrocal.de/cc-de/calibration-information/

Further we can offer an "old for new arrangement", which means that we can take-in  old platina /Rhodium for refurbishing  which  results in an significant price reduction !


We can also offer repair and/or calibration of profile and Epitaxy elements/sensors. Repairs are often cheaper. This applies not only to the sensors produced by us, but also to those of other manufacturers. Questions about this? .

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