A  specific market (global) in which TEMPCO  sensors excels in is the semiconductor industry with their customer specific temperature sensors .

The temperature sensors  which are being used within these applications ( furnaces etc.)  require the appropriate /correct manufacturing methods and experiences.

Concerning production of these temperature sensors we do have a clean room facility at our disposal within our production factory.

TEMPCO/Rössel sensors have a lot of experience in supplying these kind of sensors. The more and more expanding group of satisfied customers confirms this.

For references please contact us so that we can inform you well.

We develop/produce and deliver  for  front-end-processing applications as well as for the Back end of line (BEOL) applications .


Common types of sensors are for example  spikes/profiles/epitaxial elements.

We can also provide Calibration of the sensors from our own (DAkkS accredited) laboratory  https://centrocal.de/cc-de/calibration-information/

If there is any inquiry please contact us by phone  0172 493141 or fill in the information form presented on this web page

Here you can also fill in an configuration  form if this helps to determine the profile sensor you require.

Here you can also fill in an  configuration form if this helps to determine the spike sensor you require

Multi point profile sensor

Spike sensors