TEMPCO/ROESSEL supplies since many decades the automotive industry with temperature sensors and thus actively supports the development of automobiles for our automotive future.

In the temperature range from -200 to 1300 °C our temperature sensors are offered and supplied in various types, designed for the individual applications. Depending on the operating temperature and the demands on accuracy and response time of the sensor, thermocouples, sheathed thermocouples or resistance thermometers are used.

As supply wire mainly PFA- and FEP-insulated conductors are used, which are acid-, oil- as well as gasoline-resistant.


Hybrid Thermocouple:

TEMPCO/Roessel offers a wide range of thermocouples, which can be used in the field of hybrid technology. These include sheathed thermocouples as well as extension cables which are supplied as thermocouples.  

TEMPCO/Roesel also offers the opportunity to test sensors up to 6 kV in a high-voltage system. The combination of sensor manufacturer and option of testing in the high-voltage range makes us a reliable partner in the innovative area of hybrid technology.

Click on photo of  classic combustion  or  electric( hybride ) powered  engine to see  Temperatuur sensoren for several applications.


Combustion Engine

EV Motor and battery

Temperature measurement at hybrid supply lines, battery packs and external housing. For further information please fill in request form.